OXI Flow

Macroperforated stretch film for manual use | 14 microns

Macroperforated stretch film for manual use. Suitable for wrapping lightweight loads which need a good airflow to avoid condensation on the inside of the pallet. High elongation, sticky inside and slippery outside.

Ideal para:
· Wrapping of trolleys for flowers and plants, picking process of
fresh products, fruits and vegetables, …

· Quick drying of the load
· Allows a perfect airflow over all the wrapped material
· Facilitates the unloading of the goods through the outside slip

· Prevents the development of bacteria
· Avoids any damages of the goods on the trolleys or pallets

Embalaje 1200x800mm
Embalaje 1200x1000mm
Auto Manual
Metros por bobina
Peso bruto por bobina
Diámetro interior del mandril
Peso mandril
Bobinas por pallet
Cajas por pallet
Peso neto por pallet
Auto Manual
Metros por bobina 300 m
Peso bruto por bobina 1,68 kg
Diámetro interior del mandril 51 mm
Peso mandril 0,450 kg
Bobinas por pallet 192
Cajas por pallet 24
Peso neto por pallet 323 kg