Fabricantes de Film Macroperforado

Embalaje de calidad que protege tus productos y reduce los residuos de plástico. Te asesoraremos en la elección del film macroperforado ideal para tu empresa.
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Eliminates or prevents the appearance of condensation inside

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The new alternative for the future when it comes to securing goods

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Guarantees the stability of any type of pallet

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Top Quality

Unique macro-perforated stretch film without reinforcing elements.

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OXI the only macro-perforated stretch film on the market that does not use adhered reinforcing elements.

Ventilation: Eliminates or avoids the appearance of condensation inside the goods on pallet, caused by sudden changes in temperature.

Safety: guarantees the stability of any type of pallet during transport: sea, land or air ...

Ecological: the new alternative for the future when it comes to securing merchandise. It uses half as much plastic per pallet as conventional stretch film.

Wide range of products. Different thicknesses, hole sizes, coil footage ...

We don't just sell a product. We offer a system: MATERIAL + APP, with…

That our clients consume only what is necessary and in the best possible way ...

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Green project

Packaging of the future
Waste reduction
100% recyclable

Reducing the emission of waste is essential. For this reason, the product line offered by OXIFILM: Macroperforated Stretch Film and Stretch Film, it adapts to the new legislation set by the governments of European countries and to the slogans promoted by environmental associations.


Do you have questions about our product?

Here you will find some frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, we will be happy to answer them!

How many meters does a roll have?

The footage may vary depending on the reference used. From 1,300 meters / roll in a reference with a 300% of pre-stretch, to 4,000 meters in a pre-stretched material with 9 µ thickness. We try to adapt to your needs.

What material do I need?

Contact our team of specialists. They will advise you on the best reference for your needs and may even organize an industrial test at your facilities.

My product needs ventilation, does Oxifilm guarantee good ventilation?

With any of the products in the OXI range, we allow the recirculation of air inside the merchandise wrapped on a pallet, avoiding altering its original state.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Delivery times vary depending on the size of the order and the distance to your facilities. Between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the demand and the time of the campaign.

Are there different types of thickness?

There are many thicknesses with which we work. Depending on the use and the application, we can offer the right thing for every occasion. As an objective in our project: reduction of thickness while maintaining high performance.

I have run out of stock. Can I place a rush order?

Our intention: to collaborate to the maximum with our clients. So in case of an emergency, we will do everything possible to avoid any stock break in your warehouse.

New Macroperforated Stretch Film family made from recycled materials