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OXI. The only macroperforated stretch film in the market that needs no additional support elements.

We are a highly specialized company in the distribution of wrapping systems and products.

Our 15 years experience and our dynamic team, filled with young and enthusiastic professionals help us provide the customer with the right solution for your business.


We are pleased to help you choose the product that will fit each situation, and also to guide you on how to use it in each case.


We work hard so our customers always see an improvement after choosing us: packaging + waste reduction + cost reduction.


The customer goes first. We can propose, execute and help you reach a goal, or we can simply give you advice and show you our variety without pushing, but you can always count on us having the best of intentions and work ethics.

Green project

Reducing the waste we produce is essential nowadays. That is the reason why the OXIFILM variety: Macroperformed Stretch Film and Stretch Film, follows the newest regulations established by the governments of European countries and fully complies with the demands of ecologist associations.

¿Why using more material than necessary?

The proper use of our materials will translate into decreasing the amount of plastic required to wrap a pallet up to a half.

We use 100% recyclable materials, which paired with the most advanced production systems, guarantee that we produce the thinnest and the most resistant of films.

The objective of Green Project is to bring new ideas to the traditional goods wrapping systems. By being responsible and by using the right material, we can reduce our waste up to 100%.

Future vision


Constant evolution and development of our materials



Referent in the sector


Learning new developments thanks to the interaction with our customers


International presence: 30 countries and going up


Engagement + Illusion 100%

OXI Series

Wide selection of products. Different densities, hole sizes, reel lengths, widths…. You will always be able to find a reference amongst our catalogue that fits and covers the needs of your company.


Our commercial team makes periodic visits, verifying that the working conditions are the ideal ones.
Specialized technical advice, one of our indicated characteristics.

Welcome on board