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OXI. single macro-perforated stretch film
of the market that does not use elements
bonded reinforcement.

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A company specialized in the commercialization of technical products in the packaging sector.
15 years of experience means that a team made up of young people offer the client the solutions necessary for their business.

Which product is the best suited to each situation and how to use it depending on the circumstances in each case

We ensure that our collaboration is always a profit for our client: solving problems related to packaging + reduction of waste + lowest possible cost.

The customer, first and foremost. We can propose, we can execute and achieve a goal or we can simply advise and offer without actually selling, but what we must show is our intention to do well.


Green project

Reducing the emission of waste is essential. For this reason, the line of products offered by OXIFILM: macroperforated Stretch Film and Stretch Film, adapts to the new legislation set by the governments of European countries and to the slogans promoted by environmental associations.

Why use more material than you should?
The correct use of our materials can result in the use of less than half of the plastic used to wrap a pallet of merchandise.

The recyclable 100% raw materials used and the evolution of current production systems have resulted in obtaining very resistant and very fine materials.

Green Project aims to try to change the idea of how to fasten goods on pallet. By being responsible and using the appropriate material, we can reduce waste originated by up to 100%.

Future vision