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¿Buscas Film Macroperforado para embalar tus palets?

En Oxifilm te ofrecemos variedad de films para embalar palets, estos están especialmente indicados para productos como refrescos, medicamentos y productos perecederos como fruta, verduras, flores, etc.

 Contáctanos ahora sin compromiso y te asesoraremos en la elección del film macroperforado ideal para embalar los productos de tu empresa.

Macroperforated film for use in automatic or semi-automatic lines and that allows a pre-stretch of the 230%
OXI Flow
Macro perforated film for manual application | 14 microns
OXI Mega Green
Macroperforated film for application in machines with brake | 20 microns
OXI Flowers
Macro-perforated stretch film for flowers and plants
OXI MegaFlowers
Macroperforated stretch film for automatic, semi-automatic and manual wrappers.
OXI 175
Macroperforated film for automatic lines. 170% Pre-stretch
OXI 250
Macroperforated film for automatic lines. 250% Pre-stretch
OXI 300
Macroperforated film for automatic lines. 300% Pre-stretch
OXI MegaFlowers XL
Macroperforated stretch film for automatic and semi-automatic wrapping lines.
OXI Green Memory
Macroperforated film for application in machines with brake | 16 microns
Macroperforated film for application in machines with brake | 30 microns

El Film transpirable alimentario que estás buscando

Within our range of OXI Macroperforated Stretch Film, you will find different material designs and technical properties, which will be adapted to the needs that your merchandise needs.

Todas las referencias de Film de embalaje están fabricadas con las mejores materias primas 100% reciclables.

Podrás embalar tus palets gracias a nuestro film retractil y estirable.

¿Qué beneficios te ofrece nuestra gama de film de embalaje estirable macroperforado?


Eliminates or prevents the appearance of condensation caused by sudden changes in temperature


La nueva alternativa de futuro a la hora de embalar y sujetar mercancías. Utiliza la mitad de plástico por palé que el stretch film tradicional.


It guarantees the stability of any type of pallet during transport: sea, land or air.


OXI is the only macroperforated stretch film on the market that does not use adhered reinforcing elements.

You will have the security of marketing a product in optimal conditions for consumption, while reducing the amount of packaging material and plastic waste.

¿Por qué deberías confiar en nosotros para embalar tus palets?

We are a marketer of technical products in the packaging sector, with more than 15 years of experience, and a young team willing to find the necessary solution for each client.

Our mission is to disseminate and demonstrate that, thanks to new materials and technologies, it is possible to optimize production processes by reducing consumption and plastic waste.

Oxifilm was born to solve a specific problem in the industry and, today, we export the 70% of our production to more than 30 countries, on 4 continents, betting on an innovative future in which customer satisfaction and care of the environment become the core of our project.

Future vision 1

No increase in the price of raw materials

Unlike our competitors, we maintain a strategy of fixed prices, which do not suffer increases no matter how much the raw material does.

No more quality claims

Unlike other common films, ours have a perforation that allows the pallet to ventilate, avoiding condensation and changes in temperature that lead to problems such as oxidation, among others.

Incidents under control

We have a customer service team that will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help you with any setback that may arise.

Your satisfaction and that of your clients is guaranteed with our work methodology.

OXI range

We have a wide range of products that adapt to the needs of our customers: different thicknesses, hole sizes, coil footage, material width


We don't just sell a product. We offer a system (material + application) with which each of our clients achieves the established objective: cargo securing + merchandise ventilation + minimum cost per pallet.

Personalized advice

We have a specialized technical team that will help you choose the product that best suits your situation and will tell you how to use it, depending on the circumstances of each case.

Efficiency and effectiveness

We offer the best option of perforated stretch film to our customers (efficiency) solving their problems related to packaging at the lowest possible cost, while reducing their waste (efficiency).


The customer, first of all. We can propose, we can execute and achieve a goal or we can simply advise and offer without actually selling. Our goal is to find the best option for you.


Our sales team makes periodic visits, checking that the working conditions are ideal and that what is necessary is being consumed in the best possible way.

Preguntas frecuentes

Our service includes the sale of perforated film, advice, the possibility of maintaining and selling the machines for the application, the management of claims, and the customization of the labels and packaging with which the material is sent.

The footage may vary depending on the reference used. From 1,300 meters / roll in a reference with a 300% of pre-stretch, to 4,000 meters in a pre-stretched material with 9 µ thickness. We adapt to your needs.
Delivery times vary depending on the size of the order and the distance to your facilities. Between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the demand and the time of the campaign.
Contact our team of specialists. They will advise you on the best reference for your situation and may even organize an industrial test at your facilities.
There are many thicknesses with which we work. Depending on the use and the application, we can offer the right thing for every occasion. One of our objectives is to reduce thickness while maintaining high performance.
With any of the products in the OXI range, we allow the recirculation of air inside the merchandise wrapped on the pallet, avoiding altering its original state.
Our priority is to collaborate to the maximum with our clients. Therefore, in case of urgency, we will do everything possible to avoid any out of stock.

We all face daily problems that are beyond our control, decisions made by third parties that make us lose money and undermine our customers' trust in our brand.

Losses due to poorly preserved materials during transport, waste or rejection of the merchandise when it reaches the end customer, among others, are some of the inconveniences that our customers had before contacting us. Have you ever faced any of them?

Choosing a supplier well is key to avoiding setbacks that can lead to irreparable damage to the image of our business.

Do not let this happen to you and let our technical team advise you to find the right film embalaje estirable perforado that best suits your needs.

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