Macroperforated film for automatic lines. 170% Pre-stretch

Macroperforated film developed for use in automatic or semi-automatic lines. A product that allows a pre-stretch of the 170%, guaranteeing the stability of the loads on pallets and the ventilation of the packed products.

Ideal for:
Packaging of pharmaceutical products, soft drinks, beers, dairy products, fresh products, animal food, eggs, cardboard, paper, pre-cooked dishes ...

Quick drying of loads on the pallet
Air recirculation for all wrapped merchandise.
Great support and stability

Respect the packaging image: labels, prints, logos, etc ...
· Condensation inside the pallet.
· Prevents the appearance of bacteria.
Avoid rust in cans or cans created by the accumulation of water.

Meters per coil
1500 m
Gross weight per coil
14.90 kg
Chuck inner diameter
77 mm
Chuck weight
1.20 kg
Coils per pallet
Boxes per pallet
Net weight per pallet
447 kg