Macroperforated film for application in machines with brake | 30 microns

Film specially designed for its application in machines with brakes that allow to tension the material. A material that with only 16 microns is capable of holding pallets of great weight and volume, allowing adequate ventilation of the merchandise. 200% of ELONGATION = HIGHER PROFITABILITY

Ideal for:
Hot product wrapping: beers, derivatives  pharmaceuticals, canned, precooked foods,  sparkling wines, etc ...

Air recirculation in flowers, fruits and vegetables, eggs,  cheeses, frozen products, etc ...
· Easy penetration of cold into frozen foods.
· Allows the drying of wet products: paper, cardboard,  cereals, etc ...

Condensation inside the pallet.
· Prevents the appearance of bacteria.
· Facilitates freezing of products.
· Respect the packaging image: labels, prints, logos.

Meters per coil
150 m
Gross weight per coil
2 kg
Chuck inner diameter
51 mm
Chuck weight
0.45 kg
Coils per pallet
Boxes per pallet
Net weight per pallet
288 kg